Sunday, 22 May 2016

"...a favorable conjunction of the most diverse factors..."

Few books on the go at the moment.

"Fate sends individuality back to its limitations and destroys it if it transcends them."-Otto Rank
"One cannot quench one's power of imagination, but the imagination is made keener and more correct by continually studying nature and wrestling with it."-VVG
"At the present time money is what the right of the strongest used to be."- VVG
"For every week I now make something which I could not make before, and it is like becoming young again."-VVG
"When you don't know where a road leads, it sure as hell will take you there."-E.W. Sinott
"The worst thing about shopping is having to pay."- One of my students.
"Virtue is perfection in man's being, and not the absence of vices."- Exupery, Citadelle

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