Thursday, 30 July 2015


"What is your name?"
The boy answered quietly, "Number 44, New Series 864,962."
Everybody's eyes came open in a stare. Of course. The master thought perhaps he hadn't heard aright; so he asked again, and the boy answered the same as before, "Number 44, New Series 864,962."
"What a hell of a name!" ejaculated Hans Katzenyammer, piously.

...the best short story.

Walking Away

"[… People ask me] 'Where do you get your ideas from, Ms. Le Guin?' From forgetting Dostoyevsky and reading road signs backwards, naturally. Where else?"

Great short story.

July's end

If I hadn't tood on that nail I'd definitely be somewhere in this poem (best in context of the book). Good roads to all children on them,

Roger's Song
by Thomas Pynchon
I dream that I have found us both again,
With spring so many strangers’ lives away,
And we, so free,
Out walking by the sea,
With someone else’s paper words to say….
They took us at the gates of green return,
Too lost by then to stop, and ask them why —
Do children meet again?
Does any trace remain,
Along the superhighways of July?

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Phoebe and Panda Bear

Been haunted by the images and the track in this video ever since seeing it. First thing I load when I find internet at the moment. And if you want to learn something amazing check out this.