Saturday, 19 February 2011

Boar bits

Bit gory but I wanted a photo of this to remember what a boar's bone structure is like (for drawing) and to remember the difference between seeing a dead wild boar and seeing meat in a butchers or supermarket.
 Here in Nijjo there are hundreds if not thousands of boar, I've been told. So far I 've seen one running through bushes alongside the road, and the furrows they've made in rootling efforts in the hills. I'm always hearing stories of near misses with cars and trampled plots (they don't have a good rep with farmers of course).
This is one of three that a friend of Noriaki-san's had shot that weekend, and in this case the head was given to the dogs to chew.
You can make out the eye at bottom right and work out the skull from there, tusks and all.

In the photos I put up just before these you'll notice boar noses hanging on a wire- these are kept and dried and given to dogs as a stamina food when they're lagging. I'd be interested to know what it is in the nose that makes it special.

We were given a big bag of boar organs to take home, never has the phrase "Don't knock it till you've tried it" felt more appropriate. Highly recommended, I can't really describe what it was like.

Since my last blog-

There`s been a haircut and a few pig noses in a barn, thats about it.