Tuesday, 11 March 2014

We glide through that chaos.

"It's so like a line, or, the difference is so powerful."

"That simple notion, a coincidence among coincidences is all one needs to know." 

 "Drawings of a geocentric solar system, when we meet them in the books, make us avert our eyes. Heresy is heresy."

"Giordano Bruno- I think they burned him. He was too positive.
Fight fire with fire."  

-Robert Ashley, The Backyard

"Myth is the mode of simultaneous awareness of a complex group of causes and effects."- Marshall McLuhan

"Truth is a ratio between the mind and things."- Marshall McLuhan

"Imagine that you have died. After many years of being away, you are allowed a single glance eathward. You see a lamppost and an old dog lifting its leg.
You are so moved, you cannot help sobbing."
-Paul Klee, 1905

"It mounts the sun-barge and may take me with it."
- Jung on transformation, Archetypes and The Collective Unconscious