Monday, 25 January 2016

All Teams With Symbol

Sensibilities hardened in a visual mould.

"Joyce was not only the greatest behavioral engineer who ever lived, he was one of
the funniest men, rearranging the most common items to produce hilarity and insight:
"Where the hand of man never set foot."- Marshall McLuhan

McLuhan had it really bad for Joyce. As you may expect from an academic who took so many structural ideas from Finnegan's Wake, he is again forever within reach and forever beyond grasping.


A powerful preference for goods over leisure.

Rear view mirrorism.
"The consequences of the images will be the images of the consequences."
Pain as a form of 'macroscopic gesticulation'.

Internet as a global thermostat.
"The computer abolishes the human past by making it entirely present."
"When our identity is in danger, we feel certain that we have a mandate for war."
"Who gave you that numb?"- Finnegan's Wake
"Every new technology necessitates a new war."
"I may lose a battle, but I shall never lose a minute..."
"Time is the greatest element between weight and force."
"A good joke is worth a thousand words."
"Readiness for war characterizes contemporary social systems more broadly than their economic and political structures, which it subsumes."
The handshake as ancient ritual of war.
Le moi est haïssable.
"But wrath's the higher where those wreathe charity."- Finnegan's Wake

"War, as it were, has become the little red schoolhouse of the global village. It's a gory little schoolhouse at that."
"Radio was a disaster for goal-oriented America."
"...speared the rod and spared the lightning."- Finnegan's Wake
"In the information age, it is obviously possible to decimate populations by the dissemination of information and gimmickry."

The total field approach.
"War has always been a form of compulsory education for the other guy."
"A baser meaning has been read into these letters, the literal sense of which decency can dare but touch."- Finnegan's Wake
""The battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton."

"Love my label like myself."- Finnegan's Wake
"The audience as participants is indispensable to most games."
"When asked what music did he like, Mozart answered: "No music." Mozart was not a consumer. No artist likes art. He makes it."

"The species with eyes appears suddenly, capriciously as it were, and it is this species which changes the environment by creating its visible aspect. The eye does not come into being because it is needed. Just the contrary; because the eye appears it can henceforth be applied as a serviceable instrument. Each species builds up its stock of useful habits by selecting among, and taking advantage of, the innumerable useless actions which a living being performs out of sheer exuberance. " History As A System by Jose Ortega y Gassett.
"The first satellite ended nature in the old sense."

Lawnmower adapted from LDV's scythes to precede horse-drawn vehicles into enemy ranks.

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