Thursday, 18 June 2015

Estuary fishing

I met a man in the pub on Tuesday who invited me seine fishing with his crew. This is them. It's too soon for me to really assess how surreal and great the whole thing was- a few cheery handshakes and then ushered atop a mound of netting in the back of a creaky rowboat as the other five men got in and pushed off...witnessing the rivalry between the crews (best line: "Go fuck a plough!"),
... walking the mudbank holding a side of the net and keeping pace with the boat on the far bank....A lot of floating and waiting around hearing the skipper's stories and oaths as our two prize flatfish splashed around my ankles. Ken the skipper is on his sixty-sixth fishing season, having started at the age of fifteen. A pleasure to work with and learn from all of them.

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