Monday, 20 December 2010


My Christmas present to myself was a visit to Jigo Kudani monkey onsen. More pictures and words soon.

EDIT: Jigokudani is about 3 hours by train from where I am in Nagano. I`ve seen these iconic monkeys around the pages of national geographic and most spectacularly in the film Baraka (thanks Hari!) so its been on my list of must sees, so glad I managed to accomplish it, owing largely to the efforts of Kate-san who I went there with.
The rules at Jigokudani with regards to not feeding or otherwise interacting with the monkeys must have been laid down pretty hard because they completely ignore people, you could literally put the camera five inches from their face and they wouldn`t mind, as you can see from the photos in the next post I got pretty close.

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  1. Ok Mike,
    I read this after my comment, still amazing that you could get so close and take such incredible photos. You ought to put them in a photo collection! They are really fantastic... perhaps you have another career ahead of you, as a photojournalist... so pleased you went to the monkey onsen and took them to share with us... xx