Monday, 27 December 2010

Backlog:Soba and Mochi

Forgot to put this up, here are the photos and videos from the noodle-making party I went to at Akio-san`s friends house a few weeks ago.

There was a full count of ten digits after believe it or not.
We were trying to make soba (round thin noodles) but when old muggins here
tried they came out as udon (flat thick noodles). However I got to hold a huge noodle blade!
And there were great soba noodles to eat after,
accompanied by the largest beer I`ve seen.

In terms of amazing kitchen weaponry this noodle knife comes second only to the mochi (rice condensed via constant pounding) hammer.

I had a go but I think I have to work on my degree of ferocity.

Im leaving the Matsumuras for Kyoto in a few hours, I dont trust myself not to cry on the way out, its been amazing here.

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