Sunday, 28 November 2010


Today is Sunday (or nichi-yobi) which is my day off, and it`s time for me to get a load of pictures up that I didn`t have time to upload during the week.

Firstly some photos of food because some of you have been wondering what I`m eating. The answer is this- a lot of rice and a lot of fish and a lot of this cool grated root thing called Gobo, its slightly sweet and amazing. In the top pic the rice has black beans in it and thats a bowl of delicious miso-soup to the right. In the bottom pic there are two o-inari (rice wrapped in a kind of tofu skin). O-inari (hope I got that right, thats what the kids just told me they`re called) are one of my favourite things, they`re indescribably moreish.

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