Sunday, 27 September 2015

On Becoming A Person (Carl Rogers)

Just finished this book. Dutifully written and a duty to read. Only came on my radar via Bill Coperthwaite's work. Written between the 50's and early 60's and it is surprising how the central message still sounds so refreshing and necessary.

"Therapy seems to mean a getting back to basic sensory and visceral experience."
"Unless man can make new and original adaptations to his environment as rapidly as his science can change the environment, our culture will perish. Not only individual maladjustment and group tensions, but international annihilation will be the price we pay for a lack of creativity."

"I do not believe that many significantly creative products are framed without the feeling "I am alone, no one has ever done just this before. I have ventured into territory where no one has been. Perhaps I am foolish, or wrong, or lost, or abnormal."

"It is doubtful if a human can create, without wishing to share his creation...he desires to communicate with a group which will understand him, even if he must imagine such a group."

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