Monday, 7 May 2012

In lieu of describing current times-

Rather than describe my present, I'd like to have a man who knows how to coherently express his thoughts describe a past. Time is time.

To briefly shine a light on my situation- life has switched to revolving around interesting work for people I'm delighted to do it for, and all my photographs are of food (difficult to hold onto a camera the rest of the day without it getting covered in dust, chicken poo, or the dust of powdered chicken poo).
I'll start hitching around Shikoku sometime this weekend.

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  1. michleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oh i I wish you could have had some of the wild salmon chowder I made for hari and anna tonight! I want to trade food every day, the wwoofing dinner photos are too much. it's nice to know that if I put this soup in in the fridge it would almost still be edible when you came home, it's so soon. (but not quite, so I can eat the rest, and you can have some more adventures.)xxxxxxxx