Tuesday, 24 April 2012


right now I'm staying at Jerry's and my morale has returned to full capacity. Tomorrow is my last day on yakushima and its meant to rain for half of it. Since my last writing I have taken two more (long) walks in the woods, meeting poisonous snakes that wouldn't get out of my path and playing around the bases of waterfalls.

I'm hitching up to Hyogo prefecture (central Honshu, quite near Osaka and Kyoto) to start Wwoofing in Sasayama with some friends I've not seen since the first time I came to Japan. Definitely ready to be working in the countryside again and I'll update you more from there.
Sorry there's been a lack of photos recently, my laptop cable was rendered kaputt by that rain just after I updated the last post. I've found a temporary replacement cable and if I find time to do it here without monopolizing the living room with my laptop antics I will put a few photos up.

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