Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Less time for words than planned

For now- a pictorial summary of the past two days.

EDIT 26/03: My two nights on Sakurajima were amazing. I stayed Junko and Nini (from Tokunoshima and Okinawa-honto, respectively). I circumnavigated Sakurajima by bike which took longer than planned due to volcanic dust getting in my eyes and slowing me down a bit. I also played in an impromptu concert with Sanshin (okinawan version of the mainland shamisen. Other activities whilst there include going to the scorchingly hot onsen (hottest one yet) and watching an incredible Japanese tv show where a man dressed as an eagle begged a professional ice skater to grace a rink he'd had made by a team of 50 people or so and placed into the freezing waters off the Hokkaido shoreline (northern Japan).
On the day of the dinosaur photos I went with Junko-san to collect a type of wild plant for lunch at the sides of a park. Some of the dinosaurs are massive and people trying to holiday cheaply sometimes sleep inside them (maybe on the way back up through Kagoshima I'll do the same).

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