Wednesday, 14 March 2012

"The internet is your breakfast."

My day started with this sentence and ended with a line dancer named Jesus dancing with maracas.
Syuzo-san (top photo) is someone who gave me a lift when I was hitching here a year ago. I said I'd get in touch when I next came to Japan so we met today and visited Fukuoka tower, the castle ruins at Maizuru park and a few other parks.
Syuzo is adept at starting conversations, we managed to get into a long one about maglites with his friends in the library security office, spoke to a flute player in the park about kindles and youtube musicians, chatted to a photographer about thermos flasks and to a group of students from Kyoto about the price of hostels.
Later on I had dinner with him and his wife Nobuko who wouldn't stop giving me delicious food, the kind soul. All in all a great day and Syuzo's going to give me a lift part of the way down to Kagoshima tomorrow as he and Nobuko are visiting friends a bit further south.
I'm a bit pushed for time so I'll write more later, but just wanted to share that.

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