Saturday, 13 November 2010

Hard at work

The tall red eyed climbing frame and picker of giant carrots has arrived.


  1. Hi Mike,
    Cool pics and lovely kids! Never thought of you as a tall red eyed climbing frame, but I guess you are just that! And those carrots are rather large! Wow sounds like you are in your element, you certainly look happy!

    Have fun and enjoy the zen like frost.. it is pretty chilly here as well...xxxxx

  2. You look soooooo joke in that picture! glad you're enjoying yourself bro. Bring me home a tiny japanese kid and a massive carrot... god that sounds so wrong...

    Btw, your tag line should "be if it be agwan", not "if its gwan"... but nm

  3. I'm in my freezing house trying to write a report on BMW. You're in Japan picking carrots. Wanna switch?
    Nah, but seriously man, looks awesome. Would love to see some more pictures too.
    Nuff Love xx