In Sequent Toil All Forwards Do Contend

“The present life of man upon earth, O King, seems to me in comparison with that time which is unknown to us like the swift flight of a sparrow through the mead-hall where you sit at supper in winter, with your Ealdormen and thanes, while the fire blazes in the midst and the hall is warmed, but the wintry storms of rain or snow are raging abroad. The sparrow, flying in at one door and immediately out at another, whilst he is within, is safe from the wintry tempest, but after a short space of fair weather, he immediately vanishes out of your sight, passing from winter to winter again. So this life of man appears for a little while, but of what is to follow or what went before we know nothing at all.” - St Bede

Some notes from the road:

Japan 2012

Norway-Germany-Bristol 2014

Basel-Peckham 2015

Madrid-Lisbon & back 2015

Madrid-Peckham 2016 (audio)
-Account of the last petrol station that trip.

Madrid-Galicia & back June 2017/Talking about absolutely nothing

A-A (Madrid-Madrid) 5 Hours Wait, No Lift

Excerpt from Bordeaux-Madrid (The Sufi)

Nick and Marcus

On Dangerous Situations


A Car Accident (Not hitching but somewhat related)

The Tunnel

Precipitating Luck: Hitching Maxims

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